Art Atlas of the Severn Estaury


This blog accompanies a public Google map, and together they form the  Severn Estuary Art Atlas (SEAA) .


This aim is to show the location and content of a number of artworks which have been created in and around the Severn Estuary, and to reveal this extraordinary landscape through artworks created with(in) it.

Each artwork/project/event/artist has a dedicated page on this blog (see above) and these link to place markers on the accompanying Google map. In some instances a generic placemaker is used on the map for works which are not spatially specific.

This project relates to other academic work I have created on the Severn Estuary,  tidal landscapes and ‘tidal culture’. (The Breath of the Moon).

This work has been developed with the help and support of a number of people. Thanks to Michaela Riser, Natasha Barker, Davina Kirkpatrick, Iain Biggs, Stuart Ballard, Antony Lyons, Suze Adams…

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