Barrages and lagoons are the dinosaurs of tidal power technology

What a nightmare vision is offered by the new tidal lagoon proposals on the Severn Estuary

tidal lagoon 1

Barrages and lagoons are very grim and environmentally destructive projects. The Severn Rivers Trust have calculated that power from the proposed Swansea lagoon will be the most expensive electricity in the world!! As usual in the UK, plans such as these are delivered by decision making systems in thrall to developers who want to make profits at the expense of the living environment. The Taff barrage being a very shocking example of that. In Canada / Bay of Fundy, where tidal power and its impacts have been studies for decades, Tidal Stream power is now the focus. Barrages and lagoons are the dinosaurs of tidal power technology. PLEASE do look at this website and move towards arguing for tidal stream power generation which will not involve destroying huge areas of an internationally important habitat.

Also tidal stream power could be one of THE green energies worldwide. There are development programmes in Scotland, Canada and elsewhere, if you are looking to develop the green economy that is where the potential is.

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