Local Literature of Clevedon: Peter Gibbs poems

When filming the Spring Tide at Clevedon we met Peter Gibbs a local resident who often walks along the shore and composes poems about his local landscape. Inevitably the tides and seascapes the often feature in this work. See Peter’s website here.

Here are two poems Peter has kindly given permission to reproduce two poems here.

Harvest Moon 

Moon across the Channel
Competing with the dawn
Golden lantern in the sky
As the new day’s born
Reflecting in the waters
Round painted bobbing boats
Pink tinged the east horizon
As o’er the sea she floats
All too soon she vanishes
This mistress of the tides
Gone to seek the evening
As up the brash sun glides.


Rainbow Over Clevedon Pill

Steadily the tide comes in
To meet the shore again
Crossing ‘neath a shining arch
Where sunshine paints the rain
The mud that lines the hidden creek
Is soon to disappear
As water fills the channels
And anchored boats swing clear
Across Black Rock the curlews sound
Their haunting clarion cry
As egrets pace and herons watch
And gulls take to the sky.


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