BBC Radio 4; Farming Today; The last mud-horse fisherman

The last mud-horse fisherman

Britain’s last mud-horse fisherman Adrian Sellick is facing an uncertain future. He’s catching less shrimp than ever before and there’s no-one to take over this iconic trade.

The mud-horse is a simple wooden sled tied together with rope which Adrian uses to get across the treacherous mud flats of the Bridgwater Bay in West Somerset, collecting Skate, Bass, Dogfish and Shrimp from his nets. Toby Field speaks to Adrian about his work and with fish and shrimp stocks dwindling asks what keeps him going.

Toby also meets Adrian’s Dad, Brendan Sellick, who remembers a time when Shrimps were plentiful and being sold in large quantities to restaurants and shops in the surrounding area. In the fish shop that adjoins their house Adrian and Brendan process the day’s catch and reflect on what the future might hold for an ancient craft that has occupied five generations of their family.

Presented and produced in Bristol by Toby Field.

Programme will be online until May  20th 2019. It is downloadable before that







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