Picture Store and Maps

These are pictures which are linked to various google maps. The have to be on-line somewhere. Most are tide related



ivor Gurney

The series of pictures below are from a GPS tracked Low Tide Walk from Tenby to Saundersfoot around Monkstone Point 29 09 2015

This Low Tide Walk can only be down on exceptional low tides.





P1020234 P1020233 P1020232 P1020231 P1020230


P1020228 P1020227 P1020226 P1020225 P1020224 P1020223 P1020222 P1020221 P1020220 P1020219 P1020218 P1020217 P1020216 P1020215 P1020214 P1020213 P1020212 P1020211 P1020210 P1020209 P1020208 P1020207 P1020206 P1020205 P1020204 P1020203 P1020202 P1020201 P1020200 P1020199

harbour in sun

Tenby Harbour  – Low Tide

sam on goscar

Sam on Goscar rock, North Beach; Tenby . This is a tidal island insofar as it is surrounded by sea a high tide. Great for climbing.

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