Purton Ship Graveyard. Mid-Severn Estuary; Photo Essay (pictures taken in 2010).

This is an amazing, highly tidal, place. Purton (a village) on the Mid Severn Estuary. It is famous for being a ‘ship graveyard’.  I (Owain) visited there in 2010 with my partner Sue. I took the below pictures. I post so many because this is now a record of what was then, as the tides and shifting mud banks mean that the landscape changes quite quickly, and won’t look like this now.  Many of the 96 crafts beached there have long disappeared. Many of the hulks were trading or ferry vessels which worked on the tidal river when it was still a busy shipping route.

For artist Heather Green, who I promised to take there on our Severn Estuary Scouting Trip in January 2020, but we never quite got there.

See about ‘the largest ship graveyard in the UK’ here on Wikipedia.

See Friends of Purton Hulks website here for yet more information and pictures.

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