Severn Estuary Art Atlas (SEAA) and Wadden Sea Art Atlas (WSAA)

Severn Estuary Art Atlas (SEAA)


The aim of the SEAA is to show the location and content of a number of artworks which have been created in and around the Severn Estuary, and to reveal this extraordinary landscape through artworks created with(in) it.

Each artwork/project/event/artist has a dedicated page on a related blog SEAA and these link to place markers on the accompanying Google map. In some instances a generic placemaker is used on the map for works which are not spatially specific.

This project relates to other academic work I have created on the Severn Estuary, tidal landscapes and ‘tidal cultures’.

This work has been developed with the help and support of a number of people. Thanks to Michaela Riser, Natasha Barker, Davina Kirkpatrick, Iain Biggs, Stuart Ballard, Antony Lyons, Suze Adams, Carolyn Black, Penny Somerville (more to follow)

Wadden Sea Art Atlas (WSAA).

WSAA  (WSAA logo)

Developed by Gwenda van der Vaart at Groningen University – working with Bettina Van Hoven, this is intended to mirror the SEAA. Having said that, the Wadden Sea is a much larger area, spanning the coasts of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, and is a world heritage site, so the possible content is much greater.

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