Papers, Talks and Other Output

This page lists papers and talks on tides by Owain Jones, in some cases working with Bettina Van Hoven;  Antony Lyons; Michaela Palmer.  My thanks to these collaborators.

Tidal Connections. Comparative Ecologies of Tidal Places in the UK, Holland and Beyond  

by Owain Jones and Bettina Van Hoven  (opens as pdf)

Paper presented at the  RGS-IBG  International Conference, London, 28-30 August 2013. Connecting Elements: Connecting Geographies session, sponsored by HPGRG and  SCGRG

A Conversational Essay on Tides by Linda Cracknell and Owain Jones

This is on another page of this blog. Added here as output. Link.

By Linda Cracknell[1] and Owain Jones[2]

[1] Writer: New book  Doubling Back. Ten Paths Trodden in Memory (2014)

[2] Professor of Environmental Humanities; University of Bath Spa

This developed out of the Arts and humanities Research Council Landscape and Environment Programme funded network, ‘Values of Environmental Writing’. We are grateful for the opportunity to take part in this series of events run by  Dr Hayden Lorimer – link to webpage; Dr Rhian Williams – link to webpage; Dr Alex Benchimol – link to webpage.

On breathing and geography: explorations of data sonifications of timespace processes with illustrating examples from a tidally dynamic landscape (Severn Estuary, UK) 

Environment and Planning A, 46, (1), pp 222 – 240. 2014.

By Mic Palmer (née Reiser) and Owain  Jones O. Riser Jones Sonification.

Lunar-solar ryhthmpatterns: towards the material cultures of tides

By Owain Jones

Environment and Planning A, 43, 2285-2303, 2011.

Jones tides epa

The Breath of the Moon’: The Rhythmic and Affective Time-spaces of UK Tides

in T. Edensor (ed) Geographies of Rhythm, Oxford: Ashgate, pp 189-203.2010

By Owain Jones

PDF here. The Breath of the Moon

The (Bristol) Tide Machines. The role of machines in understanding, monitoring, and predicting the complex tidal rhythms of the earth’s oceans for scientific, political and commercial purposes.

By Owain Jones

RGS-IBG Conference 2012

Traces of Tide & Time in Bristol

With Antony Lyons

Paper given at ‘A Second City Remembered: Rethinking Bristol’s History, 1400-2000’. A conference organized by the Regional History Centre, University of the West of England, Bristol, in partnership with M-Shed, the Museum of Bristol, University of the West of England, Bristol, 23-24 July 2010.

“Another Place”: affective time-spaces of tidal processes as rendered in literature and art

By Owain Jones

RGS-IBG Conference 2008


A Short document on Bristol’s Tides fior the 2012 Bristol Festival of Nature

17 facts about the Bristol Tides


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