Links to Tidal Films and Websites

Here we will post films,  and links to films,  of tides, about tides,  and so forth. Some of these films will be amateur films on YouTube and similar. But no harm in that we hope. It is a pretty eclectic and ramdom list – but we hope of some interest / use.

The wrecking season.  A film by Nick & Jane Darke (2004); BBC 4; Broadcast July 22nd 2005

This is a rightly famous and much loved film. It is about an artist who wanders the beaches, exploring the tide lines, looking for what has washed up. He then seeks to identify the objects. “What is it? Where did it come from? What is it doing in the Ocean.

Much more about the film and Jane Darke who directed and shot it can be found here

The film can be purchased here (Amazon)

Part one is on YouTube here. We think the whole thing is there in clip.

Rivers and Tides; Thomas Riedelsheimer, 2001

From Wikipedia  “a 2001 documentary film directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer about the British artist Andy Goldsworthy, who creates intricate and ephemeral sculptures from natural materials such as rocks, leaves, flowers, and icicles.[1][2][3] The music was composed and performed by Fred Frith and was released on a soundtrack, Rivers and Tides (2003).”


It seems to be online here

Tidal Wake Water Patterns; Owain Jones; 2018

This is a film of the patterns in the waters of the Severn Estuary made by an ebbing Spring Tide washing through the pillars of Clevedon Pier.  02 02 2018 (Owain Jones)

Two Take a Moment; Farah Allibhai; 2016?

A performance art film. Very lovely (we think). Needs to be watched on Vimeo

Thanks to Debora Haguirre Jones for alert on this

Two Take a Moment from Farah Allibhai on Vimeo.

Ron Haselden-Sea Life-2016

Film on Vimeo of a tidal art installation

Lors du festival de l’estran sur la côte de granit rose, Ron Haselden a réalisé une sculpture sur la plage de Toul Gwen à l’ïle Grade sur la commune de Pleuleur-Bodou. Une algue ramassée non loin est à l’origine de sa forme . La sculpture s’est déroulée en un ruban ondulant de 25m, se couvrant et se découvrant au gré des marées . Je l’ai filmée en priorité quand elle était sous la surface de la mer , et pas directement visible par les visiteurs.

Has to be watched on Vimeo

Ron Haselden-Sea Life-2016 from Marcel Dinahet on Vimeo.

Night time High Tide gathering; Creswell Quay; Pembrokeshire

Filmed at night so there is not that much to see. I am just posting this as a record of the local tradition of celebrating the high tides at this amazing place, Cresswell Quay; Pembrokeshire. The high tide floods the road outside the lovely pub – The Cresselly Arms – locals walk from the village – LOTS of people turn up in kayaks, many in fancy dress with lights on their boats and clothing. It is a tradition it seems, to mark the high tide.

Brilliant film of the Peri and Proxi tides made flesh characters  created for the Bristol Love Tides? Bristol Green Capital Project 2015. Made by Rough Glory Films and starring the Desperate Men. Project lead My Future My Choice. Creative lead NOVA arts,

 from Water City Bristol (Towards Hydrocitizenship)

Has to be watched on Vimeo here

Ribble River Tidal Bore 2016 by Kevin Livesey showing about a foot of water surging up the river near Preston, Lancashire

5 Undercurrents; Bill Ritchie; 2012

another ‘quick’ film shot around 2 square meters in brackish water with a falling tide

Tidal Bore on a Super Moon

Tidal Bore on the River Wyre, 21st February 2015

by  rob bridges

Simon Read – Art and landscapes/Tidal protection

Understanding the environment through art: the practical consequences of arts practice as research

Time-lapse sequence of Tidal Art event, Aug 6, 2011, plus time-lapse of the advancing tide on Alma Beach, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, Canada.

“This is my most ambitious time-lapse project to date. It is actually two separate, but related, time-lapse sequences put together. Plus, it was photographed with 3 different time-lapse cameras at once, as well as with regular video and stills. The three different time-lapse vantage points allowed me to switch views if one became blocked or to show alternate aspects of the event. The super-wide views are from the GoPro camera. The high stepladder views were made with my iPod. All the participants were model released allowing me to add some close-up details and a group photo. Then I made a time-lapse of the advancing tide until it covered the sculptures, erasing them for all time.

Tidal Art is a program in Fundy National Park led by artist, Karin Bach, in which children and their families create “Ephemeral Art” (short-lived) on Alma Beach. They make sculptures using seaweed, seashells and different coloured rocks found on the beach. When the tide comes in these sculptures will be washed away leaving no trace of their artwork. Each week the sculptures are different. The designs are related to the shore, in this case a fish called a sculpin. Another sculpture is made showing the current phase of the moon. Karin enjoys introducing people to ephemeral art in which the joy of creating and living in the moment are paramount.”


 Bristol Loves Tides – Tidelapse″>Bristol Loves Tides – Tidelapse from″>Nathan Hughes on”>Vimeo;.

Proxi and Peri; The Bristol Syzygy Oath; high tide – Bristol, 22 03 2015

Peri Sings a Sing

Here is a lovely animation of the tidal patterns of the oceans


Tidal scenes, Pembrokeshire, UK, 2014

High tide and cyclists. Bristol, UK,  2012

This is great –  a short BBC film of the famous tidal falls in Talbot Bay Australia

A report by  University of Gloucestershire Journalism student Harry Hesp on the plight of the sole remaining mud-horse fisherman of Bridgwater Bay, Severn Estaury,  in Somerset, Adrian Sellick

This video has been made private on YouTube – don’t know why – sorry.

A chilly afternoon at Lydney Harbour plus views of the Severn Estuary and remains of the old Severn barges now lying rotting in the mud.

Mud Flats on the Thames Estuary

This makes the point that some intertidal areas are vast, empty and wild, even though they are very near major cities (in this case The Thames Estuary – London).

A dying tradition. Severn Estuary Mudflat Fishing with Willy Hughes.

(note the decline in fish stocks).

 Flood Tide – see tidal art projects


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